What do you feel when you are going to do something for the first time? How was your first day of school? The excitement of the first time of something is always unique. In the same way, your child’s first gymnastics session will be unique and exciting.

Gymnastics is a sport that includes the whole body’s exercise. It makes a child physically as well as mentally strong. The gymnastics session also grooms an individual’s all-round development.

Now let’s see what are the expectations you have from your child’s first gymnastics session.

Before entering the gymnastics class there are a few things that your child should keep in mind and what to expect.

Environment: The environment of gymnastics class is energized and encourages them to do the exercise with full energy. The LCD screen in the hall displays the various moves of gymnastics. The sounds of music make the child do exercise in a rhythm.

Know about basics: At the beginning of classes, we emphasize the strength and flexibility of the child. When your child starts gymnastics his body language changes and he gets a positive attitude.

Warm-up is the first step of gymnastics that includes stretches and other exercises. Gymnastics requires flexibility and this is only possible by regular practice. Then to make that every month there are rotations so that all the events will be completed once.

Be prepared: Before coming to the first session of gymnastics your child should know a few things. Your child should be well clean, well-dressed, and prefer to wear fitted clothes. Like girls can prefer leggings and boys should wear a t-shirt which is tucked in and shorts. Socks are not allowed in gymnastics. Should not be late for the class otherwise, your child may miss the warm-up session. Hairs should be tied properly, ponytail works well in this. Should have a proper meal otherwise your child will not concentrate on the practice. Bring a water bottle, it is a good practice of being hydrated as an athlete.

Spotting: Spotting meansphysical contact between a coach and an athlete that is used to train the athletes and respond to the needs of the athlete. It is an important part of gymnastics as it helps the athlete feel the proper form and technique.

Role of parents: It is also important that the parents should be supportive and cooperative. They can also see the performance of their children in the gym from the viewing area but without being a distraction.

Fun: It’s fun doing gymnastics, your child will enjoy it. Your son or daughter will see the challenges from the beginning to the end of this session which changes their personalities.

So as you see these are the expectations that have from your child’s first gymnastics session.

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