Gymnastics is a great sport which helps in building your overall personality as well as physique by teaching persistence, patience, determination, courage and planning. It is greatly beneficial for kids as well as adults. However, did you know, if started at an early age, gymnastics can help your kids with their education as well? Cool right? Let us understand how.

Improves Focus

Moving large muscles and joint compression is called heavy work and doing heavy work is known to improve the focus of the brain. Any activity that pushes or pulls against the body is heavy work, for example, swimming, where the water pushes against the body. Activities  including jumping, climbing, crawling, swinging, vaulting, flipping and even doing house chores are considered heavy work activities. With right sensory input, children are able to sit longer because they feel grounded. This helps them sit down and have better focus.

Improves reading skills

We already know that gymnastics help develop cognitive abilities in young people. Brain connections are more deeper in the inner ear called the vestibular system, which integrates the auditory, visual and tactile input. Gymnastic movements helps improve sensory motor skills which help improve reading skills as well. Activities like swinging, rotating and twisting help in developing the vestibular system thereby improving reading.

Help with Math

Math is a subject which most of the kids and even college students fear of, but if you think of it, math is kind of a spatial sport. It is astonishing how the human brain works. When kids more in different ways by doing various kinds of gymnastic sessions, more mental connections are made in the brain which improves the spatial awareness, which is required to to understand mathematical equations and geometric principles. Gymnastics is a very complex sport which has a lot of subtle nuances to it. For example, angular momentum, a very scientific jargon, something which physicists discuss about and students study, gymnasts experience it. Gymnastic moves help wire your brain for math.

Improves writing skills

However weird and illogical it may sound, it is true. Gymnastics classes do help you improve your writing skills. For good handwriting, children require strong muscles that work together. Back, abs, shoulders, forearm, fingers and wrists are some of the muscles which are strengthened and engaged during bar work, all of which muscles are involved in writing as well. Children with weak muscles find it difficult to sit at a desk, hold a pencil and write properly.

Your mind is blown right? These are some of the benefits gymnastics can add to your child’s life. Even if he does not pursue the sport professionally, it will lay a solid foundation for a good and successful life.

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