There has been a growing popularity of gymnastics as an overall physical and mental development activity for quite some time now. A lot of parents are thinking to enroll their kids for gymnastics classes to make the excess energy productive. However, there is a lack of complete knowledge on the sport, its benefits and the various types your child can pursue. There are not one or two or three types but eight different types of gymnastics you can enroll your child in, depending on his or her interest and physical ability. Let us have a look at all the types so you can decide better.

  1. The popular artistic style

This is one of the most common and known of type of gymnastics. It has been a part of Olympics since a long time now. This style is divided between men and women when it comes to competition. Women compete in vault, balance beam and uneven bars whereas men compete in vaults, floor activities and parallel bars.

  • Rhythmic style

This type of gymnastics is a fusion of gymnastics, dance and ballet and is usually performed with music. This style teaches children to be more flexible and helps them with hand-eye coordination. It uses ribbons, hoops and ropes as props. If your child is interested in dance and has a creative side, this type of gymnastics would fit best for your child.

  • Trampoline, the new addition

There is nothing more enjoyable than jumping on the good old trampoline. It has always been used for training purposes however it has recently become a sport of its own. This type of gymnastics involves a lot of jumps and somersaults. A mini trampoline is used for the routines which allows the gymnasts to perform various tricks. This helps your kid to learn balance better.

  • Tumbling

This type of gymnastics involve forward rolls, back handsprings and cartwheels. A tumbling track is used often for the training. If your child is 6 or above, you can enroll them in this type of  gymnastics. For this type of sport, a natural sense of spatial awareness and coordination is required.

  • Acrobats

This is one of the hardest styles and does not require any equipment. A group of 4 people perform routines by balancing on one another. Other routines include throwing, catching and somersaults. This type of gymnastics require a lot of patience and hard work and can be only mastered by a few.

  • Aerobic Gymnastics

This is very similar to acrobatic style and does not need an equipment to perform the routines. The routines are usually of 60 to 90 seconds. This can be performed either individually or in groups of unto 6. This style improves core strength and flexibility.

  • Parkour

This style will teach your child to be disciplined and adaptable. It trains children to bypass obstacles quickly with the help of specific movements and flips. This will help your child to learn how to strategize solutions for any kind of difficult situation.

  • Virtual gymnastics

It is a time where it can prove to be very dangerous to go outside or to a gym full of people. Everything now a days have moved to virtual and so has gymnastics. This type of classes are conducted online and teaches basic moves and also offers other specialized classes.

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