Summer field trips are a great and fun way of engaging children with the outside world, make new friends and learn through real world experiences. Studies have shown that children who go on field trips perform better academically than those who don’t. It improves critical thinking and deepens engagement. It is already summers and you might be thinking which field trip program will be best for your little ones. Here are five reasons why Nova field trips excel over others.

Ours is actually fun!

Our daily activities include water activities, gym and yoga, outdoor games, arts and crafts and a lot more fun activities with a fantastic educational speaker on board. We make sure every single kid enjoys to their maximum. Laughter is at the peak all day long. We understand that the audience is children after all and hence are allowed to be one. You or your child does not have to worry about anything till they are with us.

Make new friends

It will be practically impossible to avoid meeting new friends each week, whether you come to ourcamp alone or with a small group of friends.When it comes to gym time, games/activities, and play time, interacting with other kids is a must!Feeling loved and providing affection (also known as friendship) are essential components of emotional and social development. We ensure that this friendship stays forever.

We are an ever-growing family

Once you join us, you become a member of our family. We make sure everyone shares an emotional and friendly bonding with each other and our staff members give individual attention to each and every child. Everyone has mutual love and respect for each other.

Everyone here is super friendly

Be it the director, the staff or the workers, you will not find one unfriendly face. Everyone her is extremely friendly and will greet you with a big smile on their face. Our members are full of energy and enthusiasm which they intend to pass onto each and every kid. All the staff members have genuine love for children and have the level of patient and commitment needed to handle children.

Activities beyond imagination

With weekly themes including the zoo, cooking, circus, nature, outer space, holidays, superheroes, water world, myth busting, fun/fitness, and spy weeks, ours is the best camp you can enroll your child in. We have special guest speakers every week to teach your children every aspect of life without the fun missing. Outdoor activities and games include fishing and hunting. We have some animals onboard for your children to touch safely and get a first hand experience. We also have collaborated with the Police department to let your child sit in a police car and interact with a trained police dog.

With all these activities in store, are we missing anything? Nova Gymnastics provides the best summer camp field trip in Davie. We have competitive teams as well as recreational activities. We also offer bundles and discounts like sibling discount. Call us at (954) 476-3154 to know more about our offers.