Every sport has some kind of risk associated with it. Gymnastics is no different. With all those backflips and handstands, that too, several feet off the ground, one is bound to feel there are a lot of injury risks associated with the sport. However, the risks are minimal if performed in a safe and supervised environment and the gymnasts are aware of the safety rules. As parents, it is very important that you teach your kids these gymnastics safety rules which they should abide by, every time they are at the gym.

  1. Use right matting

In gymnastics, mats are quite significant.They absorb the shock of falls and reduce the impact on joints such as the knees and ankles.Gymnasts would have to land on hard surfaces if they didn’t have mats, which would be far more dangerous!Make sure you’re practicing anygymnastics skill on a mat or gymnastics carpet.

  • Do not perform without the instructor around

It is very important that the kids perform always in instructor’s presence. They are there to keep them safe, not to criticize them on their techniques and forms. Coaches keep an eye on you even when they aren’t physically observing you to ensure that you are practicing skills safely.

  • No experimenting without supervision

Kids, by nature, are very curious minds and are always in mood of experimenting new things. This can prove to be very dangerous if they try to perform a new skill without the presence of the coach. They should never try a new form without their permission.

  • No running around the gym

Running is obviously required in a lot of gymnastics, particularly tumbling and vault.Running around the gym (for example, from event to event) can put them and their buddies in danger if they are not doing it for a talent or because a coach advised them to.Mats, walls, and bar supports are just a few of the obstacles in the gym. It’s simple to trip over things and fall, or to rush into someone who is about to perform a skill, resulting in a collision, if they are not paying attention.

  • Look out for your fellow gymnasts

Keep your eyes alert and be aware of your surroundings in the gym at all times.In the gym, there are people everywhere, and even the most cautious among us can miss someone about to fall where we’re walking.The only way to avoid it is to take charge of your own awareness.

  • Stay off your head

Going upside down is an important aspect of gymnastics, but putting all of your weight on your head puts too much strain on your neck, and neck injuries are no laughing matter.Even if it’s just a bridge that you can’t quite get your head off the floor, it’s critical to get assistance from a coach.

  • Always warm up before practice

Warming up and stretching may seem insignificant to some, especially because young children are frequently so active that they can just jump in and execute a cartwheel or a backbend like it’s nothing, but they are critical at the start of practice. Without correct stretching, muscles may be too tight to perform specific activities, resulting in strains or pulls, and without proper warm-up, muscles may be too tight to stretch at all.

  • If anything hurts, inform your coach

Ignoring a small injury is one of the quickest ways to make it worse.It doesn’t imply you should overlook something that hurts a little.Something that hurts “only a bit,” such as an ankle, is most certainly weakened.You could unconsciously favor one ankle and wind up putting too much weight on the other, injuring it as well. Inform the coach about each and every injury, how much ever minor it is.

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