There are very few sports which offer emotional and intellectual benefits along with physical benefits, one such sport is Rhythmic Gymnastics. If you have a girl and you want her overall personality and brain development, you should consider this sport. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport where the gymnasts performs on the floor with some prop like hoop, ball, ribbon or rope. This combines elements of gymnastics, dance and calisthenics.

Let us see what benefits it can offer to your child if started at an early age.

  1. Health and Fitness

Seeing the sport on screen might seem very easy as it involves very delicate and smooth movements, however it is that much hard to perform. It improves muscle strength, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Since it involves continuous body movement, it increases the heat rate which is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It prevents obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem

If your kid is a little shy or low on confidence, this sport can help you. The skills needed for this sport are not very difficult to master. In the beginning stage, even a minor hand flick will create a beautiful ribbon pattern, so it is very easy to be fascinated and feel proud. Once the sport is mastered, it will be very easy to feel confident. It is a perfect way of self-expression.

  • Social interaction and team work

This sport requires social interaction and good group dynamics, hence it is a very good sport to develop social skills. It involves coordinated team work to create a beautiful floor routine since all the team mates need to decide and discuss the sequences among themselves before performing.

  • Brain development

In this sport, the mind coordinates with the body to do the movements which is a very good sensory stimulus. As per a study, physically active kids always outperform the inactive ones. Engaging in a sport like gymnastics can increase the person’s learning capacity and retention.

  • Musicality

The floor routines involves various kinds of music, so your kid will be exposed to all the music styles, which would improve her musicality. This will help increase her affinition towards music and she will be able to express herself better through music. It can be a good escape if you kid is suffering from some issues now or later in her life.

  • Enhance sport skills

Rhythmic gymnastics involves the complete body, with each and every movement, the mind controls the body. This helps learn coordination, balance and precision which will be very helpful when learning or performing other sports activities.

  • Enhances creativity

Since this is a sport which involves arts as well, it enhances creativity. Your kid will be encourages to create their own routines through themes and concepts, which will be interesting and pleasing for viewers. There are various types of apparatus used to create the routines.

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