Gymnastics has gained a lot of popularity over the years and for a right reason. It is even in one of the most watched Olympic events. Since it helps in an overall physical and personal development, a lot of people are enrolling themselves or their children for gymnastics classes. One, however, needs to evaluate a gymnastics training center properly before they decide on one. Here is a list of things you should look for in a center offering gymnastics programs.

Are the coaches certified?

The coaches should be certified professional members of USA Gymnastics. Certified coaches will have all the latest information and will stay up to date on the sport and the code of ethics. You should also make sure that the coaches are readily approachable.

What is the student to coach ratio?

Ideally the the ratio should be 1:8 or 1:10 which means one coach per 8 or 10 students. This ensured that each child or student receives the required amount of time and attention as well as personalized assistance for the skills and techniques to be learned.

Do they offer trial classes?

Check if the training center offers trial classes or if they allow you to sit and observe for a couple of classes before signing up. Take a good look all around the gym and make sure it looks safe. See how the coaches interact with their students and if the students look happy and motivated.

What is the dress code?

It is necessary that they have a proper attire for performing gymnastics as it prevents any possibility of injuries as it prevents any loose clothing to get stuck in the equipment. Does the gym conduct shows are are you or your child required to participate? What will be the cost for that? Usually gyms conduct a show once or twice a year. Participation in such shows will require proper outfits along with the participation fees.

Is the gym equipment clean and hygienically maintained?

Most of the equipment is made of metals like iron. Rust on the equipment is very dangerous as it can cause serious infections in case of injuries. Take a look at all the gym equipment and make sure everything is neat and tidy an well maintained. A clean room also helps with a clean mind and makes you energetic and lively to be able to perform better and in a safe way.

What is the teaching philosophy?

How do the coaches motivate students to perform? What techniques are used to make the best of your training sessions? Try to find a gym which used positive reinforcement and vibrant projects to create enthusiasm for the sport and helps build the student’s confidence.

What are the courses offered?

Check what all courses are offered by the training center. Does it offer rhythmic and artistic gymnastics? Does it offer competitive gymnastics or just recreational? Does is provide summer camps for children? Does it provide aftercare?

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